How does it work?

Ordering your signage online has never been this easy!

Our simple three step process has been carefully developed to make ordering and buying signage online as easy and as fast as possible. This allows us to keep our costs low, making sure that your new signage prints won’t ever break the bank!


During step one, you need to select your favorite signage substrate. Choose from PVC prints, to Correx boards, ABS or from a wide selection of various quality vinyls.


This is also where you get to choose from several finishing methods. We offer unfinished (i.e prints only) or even eyelets, seaming and uv lamination coating to help protect your prints in the harsh African sunlight.


After placing your order with all the relevant information, as required in step one, you will receive an order confirmation link. Simply reply to to this email, noy changing the subject line, and attach your artwork to the email.


If your artwork is larger than 10MB we recommend suing a free service such as WeTransfer to send us your artwork.

Our printers love using vector PDF artwork as this will always ensure you get the best possible results.


Before we start printing our quality control process kicks in. This is when one of our expert designers will have a look at your artwork and will send you a final artwork approval document.


Prior to us printing, we need you to approve the artwork by signing the document and sending it back to us. This gives you one last opportunity to double-check your design. Pay particular attention to spelling and numbers.

See how easy we are making this!

Signage Online offers you a simple, three-step method of ordering your prints. We also ship all over South Africa! Now isn’t that convenient? The below checklist is a short summary of what you need to do when ordering your printed signage online.

That’s all, folks!

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to send us an email to